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Enjoy Freedom of Movement from the confort of your home.


Multilingual Dance Studio - Français English Castellano.

Physical Expression, dance theatre & improvisation - Beginners & All Levels.

Opening new possibilities, uncovering our narratives, unleashing our inner being.

Dancing Hands Touching


For private dance session one-on-one, please send an email at : 


Classes are booked via calendly selecting your day and time.

I offer weekly dance classes and private 1:1 sessions. All classes are suitables for beginners and all levels.

Dance is aliveness, presence, unpredicability, intensity.

A language to uncover our narratives, an emotional connection to inspire our inner being.

Trust your instincts and let your body speaks its magic.

Get ready to get loose and inspired as we dive into the world of physical expression.


What to expect?

Come as you are and let yourself be carried away by the magic of improvisation! Immerse yourself in an experience space where dance meets instant creation and presence. A dinamic and playful class offering a true way out to our daily lives. An opportunity to cultivate our imagination, a laboratory to human emotion, freedom and connection. 

Who is it for?

Class is offered in english, french and spanish. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you already have experience in the world of dance and theater, classes are for anyone who loves to move.

What do you need ?

An internet connection as we will through Zoom, you will receive the connection link after payment. Comfortable clothes and barefoot if possible, a space to move freely. Curiosity and desire to move your body.

How to book a one-on-one?

If you wish to book a personalized dance session in a more private setting with Marion, you can send contact her via the contact page form or send an email to:


Class are based on movement freedom and exploration, you wont find any choregraphy, specifics steps or timing to follow.

Camera must be turn on, we share this live experience together, it is a living and connecting space, rich in intrapersonal discovery.

 Replays are not available as none of the class are recorded, it is an experience space, based on the aliveness of the present moment.


Drop in classes can be booked directly via calendly. For others services, please contact me directly.


For monthly special offers , please send an email at : 


If you are interested in a private session 1:1, you can book a call with me to get more info.

Si vous souhaitez une session privée 1:1, vous pouvez réserver un appel avec moi afin d'en savoir plus.

Si estés interesada/o en una sesion privada 1:1, puedes reservar una llamada conmigo para saber mas.


Marion Bartolucci, Freelance dancer & choreographer


Between physical theater and performance dance, Marion shares her approach of an expressive, instinctive and narrative dance based on gesture, presence, instant composition, story telling and improvisation. An intimate space, allowing the body to speak, colored of contrast, feelings and unpredicability to go beyond limitations and rediscover our own story through movement. Opening possibilities, connecting to sensations, exploring new way to move, and live, allowing the creation process as the expression of dance itself.

Artist author, she creates and perform her own dance pieces, based on multifaceted, poetic and liberating characters. Movement and art are her way to experience and learn about herself and the world. She offer intimite privates and group spaces to connect, move and play that allows us to go beyond limitations, explore our emotions, cultivate our imagination and express ourselves freely. Currently based in barcelona, she previously lived in London and Amsterdam, she regularly travels to south of France to facilitate private events.


Only available in french.

Témoignages des participant(e)s

Retours en direct des expériences dansées


Immerse yourself into an experience space where spontaneity meets the art of story telling.

You will discover new forms of body expression, free your imagination and connect with your own being.


We will dive into playful exercises that encourage participants to listen to their bodies, trust their instincts, and explore their emotions.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of the power of body language in conveying emotions and intentions.


Marion will guide you through creative proposals so that you feel free and confident in your movement.

You will learn the basics of dance improvisation techniques and develop your own unique style.


Get ready to let loose, have fun, and connect with others who share your passion for dance!

Come and join us for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

No prior experience is needed.

Photograph by Alain Scherer

"I need instantaneity, imediacy, movement, dance is my portal to this raw and unexpected space within myself, this instinctive, uncensored, and visceral part of who I am. Movement and the act of creation reconnect me both to the intimate and the untamed, makes me feel alive, fueled in the here and now. I came to realize that my creations are instrinsically experimental, investigating the connexions between our body, our narratives and the unsaid. Dance, improvisation and the creative process is a way to learn about myself and the world, a path to this feeling of " being."  ​Marion 

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Photograph by Alain Scherer

"Before a child speaks, it sings. Before they write, they paint. As soon as they stand, they dance. Art is the basis of human expression.” Phylicia Rashad

"I am not interested in how people moves, but what moves them" Pina Bausch

" Dance is the langage of the soul." Marta Graham

  • Marion Bartolucci Instagram
  • Marion Bartolucci Linkedin
  • Marion Bartolucci Facebook
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