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Opening new possibilities through Art & Movement


Freelance Choreographer, Dancer & Performer

Photograph by Alain Scherer

Marion Bartolucci

 Between dance and physical theater, Marion has developed her own language through movement, characterized by its intimate narratives, spontaneous physicality and emotional intensity. She shares her approach of an expressive and instinctive dance based on instant composition, human connection and improvisation. 


She sees the creation process as the expression of dance itself, where spontaneity meets the arts of story telling, where the body is allow to speak freely, an intimate space, colored of contrast, feelings and unpredicability. She uses movement as a portal and body language as a wisdom, to go beyond our limitations and rediscover our own narratives. In 2019, she created her first physical theatre perfromance, Le Pensionnat Abandonné, an urbex on site performance, welcomed by the local press.

Since 2021, she share experience spaces to open new possibilities and get a deeper understanding of the power of body language in conveying emotions and intentions. Participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies, trust their instincts, explore their emotions, cultivate their imagination and express themselves freely.


In 2023, she started the creation process of her first solo dance piece, l'Autre, based on a multifaceted, poetic and liberating character. Artist author, movement and healing arts have always been her way to experience and learn about herself and the world. Nomadic soul, she currently facilitates shows and private events across the Meditarrean coast, previously living in Barcelona, London and Amsterdam.

"I need instantaneity, imediacy, movement, dance is my portal to this raw and unexpected space within myself, this instinctive, uncensored, and visceral part of who I am. Movement and the act of creation reconnect me both to the intimate and the untamed, makes me feel alive, fueled in the here and now. I came to realize that my creations are instrinsically experimental, investigating the connexions between our body, our narratives and the unsaid. Dance, improvisation and the creative process is a way to learn about myself and the world, a path to this feeling of " being."  ​Marion 

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Photograph by Alain Scherer


Creation Le Pensionnat Abandonné - Midi Libre

One Day Experience Expression - Hérault Tribune

The Joy of Movement Workshop - L'agathois




Creation & Interpretation | Marion Bartolucci

Artist Photography | Alain Scherer

Piece length | 20 minutes

Photograph by Alain Scherer


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FR +33 6 95 41 47 01