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Danseur Femme





Experience freedom through movement.

Explore the magic of body expression.

Find joy in improvisation.

Enjoy Movement and Spontaneity from the confort of your home.

Anyone who wants to find their dancer within. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you already have experience in the world of dance, this class is for anyone who loves to move.


Come as you are and let yourself be carried away by the magic of improvisation! No prior experience is needed.

Come and join me for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, pleasure and freedom through the body.

Who can improv?

Danseur Femme

Why Improvisational dance ?

It allows you to go into and explore your body experience to express yourself in the language of the body and to find new ways to relate to other people, your inner states, wishes, and knowledge, and the space around you.


At its most meaningful (and satisfying), it is a subtle art, a meditation, a joy, and a beautiful way to explore your authentic self and share it with other people. 

As children we automatically improvised as our way to learn about the world and as adults, it is the playful, sensitive, and open to possibilities approach that improvisation develops which frees us to find our way in our world, now. 

Why Private class?

Private class allow for a more personnalized approach and open an intimate dance space and connexion.


Design to fit your specific needs and wants, class are guided progressively, listening to your own body capabilties, inspiration and feelings, so you can leave inspired and relieved.

Private class are available online and in person, within a 1:1 format or reduced group.

For more information or question, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Danseur Femme

 Long before covid lockdown, I was frustrated with traditional modern dance teaching... and end up.... in my living room, in front my computer, trying to learn with videos pausing and playing back, how to dance by myself.

I always wanted to dance, but my way, without constraints and above all na-tu-ral-ly. Being autodidact in many sphere of my life, I (re)learn to dance from within, developing and trusting my own movement rather than reproducing a form externally.

In 2022,  I start teaching my first client through an online zoom class, honestly, with a lot of reticence first, teaching was for me a group format into a room.

but I was amazed with both my client feedback and her results! On my way, I learnt a lot on how to adapt my work and proposals into a private online set up.

 I discover, being in our own home, the power of space and intimacy.

Any question, do not hesitate to message me directly.

Why online class?

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