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Telling Stories Through Dance



Start where you are, use what you have.


Improvisation of Presence

Freedom of Movement

Physical Storytelling

Action Theatre

with Marion

Online private sessions

Playful Movement Sessions

to free up our body & move our stories


Hi I am Marion

I move. I dance. I perform. I play and I share private dance sessions based on intuitive movement, storytelling and improvisational dance. Live classes are available in french, spanish and english. Join me for an intimate, playful and electrifying dance session!


Unleash yourself & Connect to the joy of moving.

Dancing and telling stories through our body using movement and music as tools of expression.

No choreography. No technique. No specific steps or rhythms to follow.

" I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them. " Pina Bausch


Come as you are and let yourself be carried away by the magic of dance ! No prior experience is needed.


※ This session is designed to allow you to explore and express yourself through movement in a fun and liberating way. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you already have experience in the world of dance, this class is for anyone who loves to move ! All ages & all levels are welcomed.

※ Through various improvisational roleplays and action theater techniques, you'll let go of inhibitions and discover the joy of moving freely. Marion will guide you through invitations, prompts and physical storytelling that will encourage you to tap into your creativity.


※ You'll learn to trust your instincts, embrace spontaneity, and find new ways to communicate through your body. No need to worry about any specific dance styles or routines – this class is all about self-expression and personal exploration.

※ Our base & our tool and inspiration : the MUSIC.

So, wear something comfortable, clear some space in your room, and get ready to let your body flow! 

Benefits - The sessions are designed to

• Embrace playfulness and curiosity 

• Amplify leadership qualities

• Listen and trust your own gut

• Remove blockages and internal barriers

• Develop your skills as a performer

• Overcome doubts and inhibitions

• Reconnect with your innate creativity

• Detach yourself from the rational mind

• Express your touch of craziness

• Enhance self-confidence

• Awaken your inner artist

• Deal with the unexpected

• Release emotional turmoil

• Evacuate any anxiety

• Explore individuality

• Deepen intimacy

• Unlock yourself

• Feel seen

• and......just let loose!



Telling Stories Through Dance

Physical Dance Theatre

Opening possibilities

Creating space

Letting go.

Experience the Magic of Dance

A Question ?

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Marion offers people of all ages and all levels the opportunity to express themselves through their bodies, to (re)create space within themselves and (re)discover the natural joy of movement. An inhabited, spontaneous and accessible dance that allows you to express what you feel, create your own movement and bring your creativity to life. A secure, personalized and guided space, a free and unconstrained dance that allows you to open up possibilities, trust your instincts, let go and play with your imagination. A body able to reveal hidden parts of us, able to free what we are. No specific steps or rhythms to follow. let yourself be carried away by the magic of improvisation and the joy of movement.

Telling Stories through Dance

Physical Dance Theatre

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Telling Stories Through Dance.

Exercices Inspiration

Start Dancing Now

Telling Stories Through Dance.

Participants Feedback

Sorry guys, only in french for now

 " La danse est mon exutoire, j'ai besoin d'instantanéité, de mouvement, de liberté. Elle est cet espace brut et inattendu de moi, cette partie instinctive, innocente, sauvage et viscérale. Elle me reconnecte à ce qu'il y a d'intime et d'indompté en moi... elle m'habite. "  Marion

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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