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The Other One, an unexpected and intimate encounter. 



Interpretation: Marion Bartolucci
Artistic Direction: Marion Bartolucci
Photograph Artist: Alain Scherer

Category: Dance

Lenght: 20 minutes

Format: Solo Piece

Physical Theater & Performance Art


The Story

Who is the other one living within us? Hidden. Untold. Diswoned.

This is the story of a woman trapped in the chaotic rhythm of her everyday life.

 An unpredictable encounter, an intimitate space, a confession, an urgency, a vital impulse.

After playing being someone for so long, she loses her self into what she though was her reality.

Unmasking her shortcomings, aimless pursuits, wasted lies, she is left learning to cope with herself or the other one, within her.

A physical theater performance stripping the question of our identity, unraveling the relationship between performed personalities and untold stories, A mirroring solo, questing the relationship between I and the other, a presence, a glance, a witness


A poetic and liberating piece, between inoncence and doubts, uncovering the illusion of a perceived reality, hidden by the veil of the unconscious. Surrendering to her vulnerability, her irreverent joy of living, allowing her to be perceived, lived, touched and penetrated. 

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Marion Bartolucci

 Between physical theater and performance dance, Marion shares her approach of an expressive, instinctive and narrative dance based on gesture, presence, instant composition, story telling and improvisation. Allowing the body to speak, an intimate space, colored of contrast, feelings, joy and unpredicability to go beyong limitations and rediscover our own story through movement. Opening new possibilities, connecting to sensations, exploring new way to move, allowing the creation process as the expression of dance itself.

Artist author, she creates and perform her own dance pieces, based on multifaceted, poetic and liberating characters, an encounter through the unexpected within the instant and the public. Movement and art are her way to experience and learn about herself and the world. she offer intimite privates and group spaces to connect, allow, explore and enjoy movement, that allows us to open up and express ourselves freely.

Necesito instantaneidad, movimiento, la danza es este espacio bruto e inesperado de mi, esta parte instinctiva, incocente, salvaje y visceral, me arrastra, me invade, me supera. Me reconecta con lo íntimo e lo indómito, me habita.”  Marion

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Previous Work

 2023 - L'Autre | Interpretation & Direction Artistique - solo dance piece

2020 - Spectacle Feel | Choregraphy staging - 8 dancers 

2019 - Le Pensionnat Abandonné - On site video performance 5 interprets

2018 - Delusion - On site video performance - duo

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Réalisation Marion Bartolucci 4.png
Réalisation Marion Bartolucci 2.png
Réalisation Marion Bartolucci 1.png

Performance Solo Physical theatre
Seul en scène, Démonstration, Agde 2022

Dance Video "Le Pensionnat Abandonné"
Urbex On Site Creation, Physical  DanceTheatre, Hérault 2019